Orthodontic Evaluation Roseville

Orthodontic Evaluation Roseville

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Orthodontic Evaluations in Roseville

Over time, what was once accepted to be the best way can change, and so it is when it comes to orthodontic evaluations. Waiting until adolescence used to be the norm, but not any longer. That’s because when you bring your child in by age 7, there are distinct advantages in terms of the duration of treatment, the difficulties your child has to face, and possibly even overall cost. Here at Madison Orthodontics, we are dedicated to proactive care.

It’s a good idea to take advantage of our orthodontic evaluation Roseville even if your child has no current signs of needing treatment. Some indications are not always obvious. On the other hand, if you notice any of the following symptoms, you may not even want to wait until he or she is 7 before coming in: finger or thumb sucking, misplaced teeth, difficulties chewing, mouth breathing, blocked out teeth, baby teeth falling out too early or staying in too long, jaws and teeth out of proportion the remainder of the face, shifting jaws, or clicking or other sounds when opening and closing the jaws. Our orthodontic evaluation Roseville is based on making a determination. Should your child be wearing braces? Maybe so. Phase I treatment, or interceptive orthodontics, focuses on alignment issues today. Those problems will only grow worse with time, so they should not be ignored. Phase II treatment for teens is often less complicated as a result of early orthodontic care. It’s possible that she or he may even be able to avoid phase II treatment entirely. The ultimate goal, of course, is a healthy, attractive, well-positioned set of teeth that will serve your child long into adulthood.

Please book an appointment to come in with your child for our orthodontic evaluation Roseville. Taking action now puts the odds in your favor for the best possible outcome.

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