Orthodontic emergency in Roseville

Orthodontic Emergency in Roseville

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While orthodontic emergency in Roseville are not common, they do sometimes occur. Some possible situations that could occur are: protruding wires, mouth irritation, a broken, lose or knocked off bracket and a lost wire. If any of these occur, you should call Madison Orthodontics, so we can guide you on what to do.

Braces are a great orthodontic tool, but they are not perfect. Problems can arise from something as simple as chewing hard or sticky food. Braces, wires & brackets can loosen, fall off or protrude and cause injuries to the mouth area. This can result in pain, discomfort and mouth irritation. A protruding or broken wire is a very common problem but a painful one. If the wire breaks or gets loose and sticks out it, it can injure your tongue, cheek and/or gums. If your bracket gets knocked off or becomes loose, it can be painful because it can poke your gums, tongue or cheek. You may be able to handle some of these issues by taking the special orthodontic wax you received at your first visit to provide temporary relief until you can see your orthodontist at our orthodontic emergency in Roseville office. For example, you could place the wax over the loose bracket or the end of the broken, protruding wires to stop them from poking you. These are only temporary solutions to provide you with some comfort until you can get in to see your orthodontist. Even if the problem seems minor or you feel that you may be able to handle some orthodontic problems on your own, you should call the office anyway & right away. When you call, the knowledgeable staff at Madison Orthodontics will instruct you on how to handle the situation. They’ll let you know if you need to see the orthodontist immediately or if it can wait until your next regularly scheduled appointment. In the meantime, they’ll tell you what you could do on your own to temporarily resolve the issue.

If you have an orthodontic problem, don’t hesitate. Contact our orthodontic emergency in Roseville office right away.

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