Kids braces in Roseville

Kids Braces in Roseville

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Pediatric braces in Roseville

Braces can, and should, be considered for kids by age 7 if there are reasons to expect that they can produce noticeable and beneficial results. Here at Madison Orthodontics, we are committed to the best care, and we believe that early intervention often supports that.

While it’s true that not every child will be a good candidate for our kids braces in Roseville, you have nothing to lose by bringing in him or her for an examination where our orthodontist can do an assessment. There are certain signs that act as indicators, of course. Your child may need our kids braces in Roseville if she or he has tooth crowding, teeth that are visibly growing in crooked, breathing through the mouth, chewing problems, misplaced teeth, either the early loss of baby teeth or those teeth staying in longer than they should, finger or thumb sucking, blocked out teeth, shifting jaws, teeth and jaws out of proportion to the rest of the face, or noises when the jaws open or close. Braces now are like getting a head start. If you were to wait until your child is a teenager, the challenges now being experienced would very likely get considerably worse and more complex, necessitating a longer period of time wearing braces during the point in his or her life when appearance is of greatest concern. Costs would also typically be higher. Instead, get out ahead of those issue right away, and your child will either have simpler orthodontic needs as a teenager, or may be able to avoid treatment then entirely.

We urge you, as an attentive parent, to contact our office right now and let us arrange a time for you bring your child is for an appointment. If our kids braces in Roseville are appropriate for her or him, it’s best not to wait.

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